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TradeMark's Bark

NeoSanta / Columbus visit / New ECC site

NeoSanta / Columbus visit / New ECC site

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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron
Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a product.


Dear Billy,

Santa is now known as the American Express corporation.  But you can still have anything you want.*

Love, American Express

* on your American Express Platinum card. We just raised your limit.

In other news, I'll be visiting Columbus Dec. 22 to 26.

And in other other news, I'm making good headway on a brand new, 100% redesigned ECC website.  Trust me... high awesome quotient.  Stay tuned.
  • Speaking of visits...

    I'm in the early stages of planning a weekend trip to San Fran around Feb. 23rd. If you're home that weekend, let me know! -- Susan
  • Oh wait! We'll be in Columbus too!

    I'm visiting the folks this Saturday thru Wednesday. It would be like soooo cool to meet up with you at some point. -- Susan (again)
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