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TradeMark's Bark



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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron
I used to fly pretty frequently – for a few years I managed a few European festivals a year, with a half-dozen US shows I flew to. Not so much these days, but that hasn’t lessened my misery. My dislike of airport security, overcrowded airplanes, and airline incompetence has grown and grown, nearing a state somewhere between revulsion and outright hatred. And it’s not limited to just those dislikes – it’s the whole thing. The cumulative whole of the airline industry just feels like some sort of has-been, like a decaying government well past its patriotic glory days descending into a corrupt tyranny.

Am I the only one here? Anyone? Corrupt tyranny, right?

I would like to meet anyone who currently:

• Actually enjoys flying commercially (not first class)
• Changes their behavior (in an airport or anywhere) based on security color codes (orange, yellow, etc.)
• Lets strangers pack their bags

Lastly, I just found out that my home town of Columbus Ohio has been harboring the perpetrator of the deadliest attack with a weapon of mass destruction. His name was Paul Tibbets Jr., and he flew the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. He died recently, 92 years old.
  • i used to love flying. my recent experiences with being chosen randomly to be searched, causing me to miss a connecting flight, has changed my view. i've been flying on airplanes since i was 6 months old. flying was a regular part of my childhood, whether it was flying to iowa to visit my father's family or flying to san francisco to visit my great aunt for thanksgiving.

    corupt tyranny? yep

    i am dreading flying to visit my parents this winter.
  • I don't feel flying in the Schengen zone has changed that much in the past couple of years, but travelling to the US as a visitor has become even more of a hassle than it used to be if my memory is correct. It still is pretty random and unpredictable though, as my last two experiences at ports of entry were so different you'd think I entered a different country.
  • NY's evil airline conspiracy

    "Corrupt tyranny" would make a lot of sense, given that both times I tried flying from New York to Michigan (*both* involving my brother's funeral) I was cancelled/rescheduled for no good reason. And yet my flight to South Carolina and back last August had no difficulties at all. Why do they make it easier (yet more expensive) to fly TO NYC than FROM it? I'm at a loss. -- Susan
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