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TradeMark's Bark

The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour

The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour

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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron
Perhaps when i get my website overhauled (which I'm working on right now... no, really, I am) I can use it to blog nostalgic stories of my has-been life:

Perhaps my best ever estate sale score was finding Moondog's Prestige album (super rare!) at an estate sale. After inspecting a disappointing box of records they put out for sale, I poked around the house for other things and found an ignored shelf of records in the front closet... the Moondog stood out immediately. After buying the entire closet for $12 (!!) I later realized there were also incredibly rare jazz records which I sold for an embarrassing amount on eBay, but not before using them on a one-off radio show called The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour. Here were these incredibly rare jazz records, and I was thinking, if you were a jazz fan in hell, what would worse punishment than to hear a radio show of the rarest jazz selections, every one of which was played at the wrong speed?

Toward the end of the show I upped the ante by mixing an irritating one kilohertz test tone on top of each song.

Ahhh, those were the days.
  • "The music of Miles Davis is both classic and timeless, and can only be improved by the addition of a marching band rendition of 'One Night in Bangkok'."

    of course, you didnt make it to the end of that sentence -- it was the one time you cracked yourself up and broke character (the stuffy jazz dj).

    • Segues, and I don't mean lazy rich people movers

      Yeah, I kinda couldn't keep it together after a while. I mean, there I was getting to play devil torturer of jazz snobs... how could I not be tickled silly? Of course some future day I'll likely end up as one of those insufferably jazz fans, recovering that recording, and trying to repair the wrong speed or filter out the 1 kHz tone... luckily it hasn't happened yet. Here's hoping for a few more decades before I stoop that far.
  • Sometimes, you are just So. Wrong. :P
  • awwwww, now I remember why I like you so much ;)
  • Actually, I have two 45s that sound better at 33:

    "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting" -- At 33, Elton John and band sound like the Rolling Stones with Mick very, very drunk.

    "Sugar, Sugar" -- The Archies sound really soulful!

    (I'd bug you to add an entry in the M.C. swag thread, but nobody else has.) (mope mope mope)
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