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TradeMark's Bark

Silently, the activity level brews ever higher...

Silently, the activity level brews ever higher...

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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Yes, long time no tired-cliche-about-lethargy. However, this is changing, starting with the name.

Old: Residency Evidence. Fine for when I was doing my residency back at the Headlands; potentially valid as of six months ago (when I revisited the Headlands), but actually outdated for over two years.
New: TradeMark's Bark. Dumb, but could be dumber, and it's late and I'm on dialup and I can change it later.

I'll be ramping up the activity of this blog over the next year, along with the activity level for The Evolution Control Committee. At the moment I'm designing a website for a friend, and after that I'll be (FINALLY) redesigning the ECC's website, at which point it will take on a somewhat blog-ish component. This blog, my personal blog, will compliment the "official" ECC news blog.

Meanwhile, I should have posted here earlier that I'm currently visiting Columbus, Ohio. Anyone still there and interested in finding me can drop me an email and hope that I find more open wireless networks to mooch from.
  • you could park outside my house for some intarweb action. just don't hog the wireless while I'm trying to update my lj, yo.
  • I should have told you that people have some wi-fi sucess at my house. If at all desparate, you are welcome to come over some evening and sit around here for a try at it.
  • bark like a dog?

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