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TradeMark's Bark

NPR today, Burning Man next week

NPR today, Burning Man next week

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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron
I appeared on NPR's All Things Considered today, though they cut out the ECC mention:


And next week, we'll be at Burning Man, setting up BMIR radio to air all the fun things we've been recording over the last couple weeks (thanks, Bezoar and Steven Lee!). That means I'll generally be even quieter than usual for the next month or so. Are you going to Burning Man too? Then find me: BMIR radio (94.5 FM) is located in center camp behind Playa Info. I'll be camping at Billion Bunny Camp (aka Furr & Loafing), located around 6:30 on the Esplanade, on center camp's outer ring next to the Black Rock Arts Museum. We have a daily Hoppy Hour from 5-6pm. Hope to see you!
  • that was you! i caught the outro when they said they had just talked to an artist who calls himself "trademark" and i suspected but wasn't sure.
  • Cool!

    So, you're coming to Ohio after Burning Man?
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