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TradeMark's Bark

Evolutionary update from the western ether

Evolutionary update from the western ether

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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron
Hey there, the few of you who take note of this limited channel of expression... here's another once-in-a-long-while semi-personal update:

BURNING MAN: Going? I am, as usual. If anyone's looking for me there, I'll be easiest to find at the BMIR radio station (94.5 FM) in center camp circle, right behind Playa Info. I work there most days in the afternoon, when the air conditioning is best. You can also find me at Billion Bunny Camp (aka "Furr and Loafing"), also in center camp circle, near Anxiety street (presumably on the First Camp side, which is to the right as you walk towards the center camp cafe from The Man). We haven't finalized our arrival and departure dates, but we'll be there for about a full two weeks.

Holy shit, I'm actually getting paid to go this year. As in real (though little) money. Don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job (as CEO of The ECC, which I'm pretty sure actually pays less).

NEW HOME: We moved. Forget our studio/loft in the ghetto/gated community of The Farm; we high-tailed it to Twin Peaks and I haven't looked back. Now we have a full house, I have a dedicated studio space, and nature in the back yard (one of the Twin Peaks). An improvement, and for less money (thanks to our new roommate, Shelley). Things are looking better. Email me for the address. No change on the phone number.

HEARSE: Time to do the yearly last-minute pre-Burning-Man frenzied maintenance... a long laundry list of repairs to be done, but hopefully nothing out of my limited automotive expertise.

SF WEEKLY: Look for me in there. Late September maybe? I'll be interviewed by Elisa Strickland next week and giving her first reporting dibs on The Kitchen Of The Future, a line of circuit-bent, MIDI-compatible kitchen appliances that I launched in May from The Headlands.

COLUMBUS: Visiting? Hopefully in late September or October.

- TradeMark G. / Mark Gunderson
  • when are you going to Cols, Bunny?

  • hey, neighbor!

    i'm part of pants camp, and we're going to be right next door to the bunnies, i hear. hooray! i might actually see you around, and not just before you leave! (like bm04, las vegas 05...)
    • AH-hah!

      Just yesterday I finally got to see a map of the center camp ring layout -- yes indeedy, we are close! Well, sort of. We are exactly opposite of each other on the outer ring of center camp -- on outer ring road, you're at around 3:15 (just below Anxiety Street), and we're around 9:15 (just above). Pop by Billion Bunny Camp sometime and find me, perhaps at the daily Hoppy Hour (5-6p)!
  • it's good to hear that everything is going hunky dorey over there on the pacific side of the country. we should get together for drinks or food or both-at the same time?-if you make it to town this fall...
  • Hey I hope you guys have a great time at BMan... wish I was going!! Maybe next year. Take care,

  • awwwwe!

    congratulations to you and Ms. Pants on the new place!
    we'll see you on the playa.
    I believe I'll be near the airport, breathing the dust and refueling as often as necessary. I'll stop by to say hi n'howdy, and such. smeewtches
  • twin peaks? Nice. Do you have a view of the city?
    looking forward to seeing your new digs next time I'm in town.
    No plans to go to Burning man this year, alas... But have a great time and say hi to my favorite flaming cunt from me --alan
    • 'allo

      View? Yes -- of Sutro Tower, and nothing else. heh.
      Hope to see at you at Burning Man in the future... 'til then, I shall indeed bestow greetings on my fave FC. ciao for now,

      - tm
  • SF Weekly? Cool, G.
  • (Anonymous)
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