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Dream Analysis 01/15/06

Haven't been blogging lately because, well, I don't want to you. And you can't make me. Oh c'mon, you didn't really miss it.

Last night, I had a dream...

(Every once in a while I have one of these dreams... so good that I've got to make sure I put it here for the purpose of good, solid archival. This, and the other dreams in this blog, are absolutely real dreams.)

In my dream, I'm ranting to someone about the pathetic state of copyright. I'm incensed about just how absurdly long copyright lasts, and I'm trying to give them a perspective on just how crazy the length is:

TradeMark: "Let me give you an example: Let's say right now, I write a short story right here in front of you. It's automatically copyright the moment I finish it (or even if I don't) because things are presumed to be copyright unless you explicitly say otherwise. This short story will remain in the restrictive binds of copyright for the rest of my life PLUS another 90 -- yes NINETY -- years!! That's like until the year 2150!!!"

...and I start cracking up when I try to complete the rant with...

"For chrissakes, by then we'll have evolved into beings of pure energy and light and won't NEED FUCKING COPYRIGHT!!"

I actually was cracking up outside of the dream too, and woke Christy up...

Also during this dream I had an idea to take music of The Beatles and edit out all the beats. The resulting project -- taking the beat from The Beatles -- would be called of course, "les".

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