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McMemorial Moment

Thanks to the Laughing Squid for documenting The Billboard Liberation Front's latest action, "To Serve Man": (many photos at that link)

The Billboard Liberation Front is back in action again. In collaboration with Ron
of the East, this afternoon they modified a billboard across from
Golden Gate Park at the Cala Foods on Stanyon Street near Haight Street
in San Francisco.

After receiving an anonymous tip, I went down to where the billboard liberation was taking place and shot a bunch of photos.

According to the press release, their billboard improvement was called “To Serve Man”
and was in celebration of McDonald’s 50th Anniversary. This billboard
modification was above an beyond what is typical for the BLF and
included an animatronic Ronald McDonald force feeding a hamburger to an
obese child, with a backdrop covering the billboard which consisted of
well-fed Ronald McDonald and alien figures.

In other news, we actually have furniture now. Woohoo! Thanks Ikea, but don't let my girlfriend know that I told you. (Her design goal was to avoid the "Ikea threw up in our living room" motif, which buying a major piece of furniture clearly puts us in.)
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