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Odds 'n' Ends

Ah, yet another long overdue post. I seem to be sliding into that mode where I post less and less frequently and eventually this blog will probably just go dormant, like my last one on blogger, rest in peace wherever you are, I still haven't properly closed you out. hah! Welp, someday, but today I'm gonna pound out a few haphazard bits about what's been going on.

First off, Bunny Jam went great. We did our bunny version of the old TV show "Laugh-In" with funny bunnies telling jokes through a psychedelic joke wall and go-go dancers and everything. I played the host, a sort of bunny version of Rowan -- here's a picture of me with my fake moustache, which someone said made me look like John Cleese -- hmmm, in spite of the bleached hair they may have something in that comparison. Steven Lee did a phenomenal job on the joke wall, painting it with various brightly colored bunnies -- take a look at this picture. The whole show went great and was loads of fun, and we celebrated and partied like rock stars after it was all over. We plan to put the joke wall up in our apartment.

Now I'm gearing up for the next round of activities; which will include an ECC performance at the Dustfish Fundraiser Saturday night, preceded by a brief DJing at the Yerba Buena Bowling Alley and Ice Rink for something that $teven Ra$pa is putting together, some sort of Flambe Lounge thingee party whatever. I wasn't going to do anything that night and even turned down another show (which I see I'm still listed for, oops), so I kinda feel bad I'm defecting to this other thing but a DJ gig is a much easier thing than a full show, plus I have a completely full day the following day and show during the evening, so... yeah. For the DJing occasion I'm getting myself proficient in the PC DJing program Traktor which I'm interfacing with that new MIDI controller I got. (So far, my opinion is that it's not a big improvement over just using WinAmp unless you're a trance/techno DJ.)

To those pals still in Columbus, I'm trying to arrange a visit there somewhere in mid-April but haven't had the moment to make the plans solid yet. I'm anxious to go back and visit and to get stuff of mine from there shipped out west; now that we have a place to live in with some space to fill I really want to get some items to fill it, and there's plenty waiting in Columbus for my attention. Plus, well, I just miss Ohio.

The usual frustrations persist with getting myself focused on things I really need to do, but I'm attempting to get myself to follow a mild schedule where I work on new music daily. To that end, I better go to some shopping before my music time comes; I gotta get that DJ set together today as well as coordinate Saturday's show. Ciao...
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