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Hmmm, seems that when I'm not travelling I fall out of my habit of LJing. It's partially because I had a client (and a lousy one, at that) installed on my laptop but not on the studio machine. So, getting caught up with all sorts of things now, including this. Installed a new client and so on, hopefully that'll get me back into the habit again.

So, let's pick some things of note from the many recent goings-on...

Had semi-recent shows at Grand Arts (Kansas City) and SEAT (Las Vegas) which were both great, and now I'm back in San Francisco enjoying the beginning on a couple of months where I'll mostly (hopefully) be doing only creative work to develop new musical material (and hopefully new musical technology).

Although I've tried to keep my performance schedule mostly open for the next while, I did take on a couple of fun things. One is Bunny Jam, where everyone must dress in bunny ears (at a minimum) and change their performances to be somehow bunny oriented. To that end, The Evolution Carrot Committee will present a one-off
show you've never seen before: "FLUPH-IN" will look awfully familiar to those that have seen the old 60's "Laugh-In" program... bunny style. I'll be hosting (as a bunny version of Rowan, the "straight-guy" host), Christy and three other friends are the go-go dancers, four people will be the "funny bunnies" (comedians) behind the psychedelic joke wall that we're constructing... wheee! Can't wait. Those in the bay area for March 26th are invited -- and even those who aren't. A good friend of mine from Portland will be coming down for the weekend, which is just going to make it even more crazy... woop!

The weekend after that, The ECC will be back in Thimbletronic style at the Dustfish fundraiser, playing some ECC classics as well as brand new material. Both events feature a HUGE roster of other bands, DJs, and performances of very unique stuff. Superfun!

I've been trying to rebuild my work area and tidy up both paper and computer files so I can get working on new stuff for these shows and, well, the next few years, probably. No shortage of ideas and possibilities, plus plenty of half-finished ideas and music, as well as stuff that's mostly finished but never found a home. So, I'm trying to organize it all and find homes for the orphaned works, finished the unfinished, and create new items. Exciting, but plenty to be done. I still only have a fraction of my stuff here in SF; most of my music equipment and studio is still stored in Ohio. I'm sure I have enough to keep me busy and productive, but it's still frustrating when I have an idea that requires a certain piece of equipment and I realize that it's 3,000 miles away.

And I've been getting that feeling not just with my studio setup, but with the rest of the house as well. We've been in our new place for almost two months and still have some major elements missing. However, last weekend (our first not spent travelling in weeks) let us get things a bit more together and looking a bit more like a home, and I feel less these days like I need to do things like installing shelves and more like I can dive into new music, and play with some new toys (like my Behringer BCR2000 MIDI controller that I picked up in Kansas City... my first MIDI controller if you can believe it).

As well as tidying up our San Francicsco home, I have also had to tidy up my Ohio home by remote control, in a sense -- I hired friends to do construction/repair work to the house so it would be ready for renting to new tenants who move in to take my place with my old roommate. It's been an uphill battle all the way; for all the months of work I put into things and moving out, it seems like there's always a little more stuff left inside that I somehow forgot about or didn't have time for. Every time I think things are done, it seems another cabinet of my stuff is found or some new problem comes up... ugh. But, the new tenants are in, and for now, it's done. I hope.

Welp, time to get moving on tasks to be done today... cheers all,

- tm
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