August 23rd, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron


Real quick to all the persistant pals out there reading -- been super duper busy getting everything ready for Burning Man, which we leave town for Wednesday... eep... TOMORROW! This year I actually had my list of items to do and pack done rather earlier and have worked on it semi-consistantly for six-ish weeks. But, this is crunch time and there's still plenty left.

Most importantly, if any pals are going to Burning Man too, you can find me at the Gooferville theme camp (located on the Esplanade at 9:40), though it might be easier to find me at Burning Man's radio station, BMIR 94.5 FM, which is "downtown" in Center Camp near the Playa Info station. I have a show there every day from 2-4pm. (Nope, you can't hear it over the web. Maybe next year though!)

I've done some major work on the hearse (with BIG thanks to gxaouiGXAOUI for spearheading/guiding/doing much of the work), done huge amounts of pre-recording (some of which you can listen to online), not to mention building light-up antennae and other fun crafts projects, and of course the usual hunting-and-gathering of so many [camping] bits and [non-perishable food] bites.

Oof, I've already had two delays/distractions while writing only the above... better run. I hope to make some posts from Burning Man with photos, but obviously there's plenty else going on there as well, so please forgive if it doesn't happen... but, there'll be plenty of photos and reports to follow it, regardless.

ciao all...

- tm