August 3rd, 2005

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More slacking

More delays in my LJ posts; maybe I'm losing motivation in blogging... hmmm, let's make a few notes beforfe my show posting...

Gettin' busy with Burning Man preparations; we're at the three week countdown now and I've got lots of major things to do. My Dazzle Hearse is of the big concerns; it needs major work and I haven't the money to just have somebody else do it. Luckily gxaouiGXAOUI has offered expertise which is incredibly generous and helpful of him, considering that he has plenty of Burning Man preparations to do himself.

On top of the mechanical work, there's plenty of work to do with BMIR, Burning Man's radio station, which I take a part in running. This year we're doing a lot of great creative work, recording many custom segments that will get played multiple times daily. Some of them are fun parodies on NPR's programming (Art Car Talk, This Playa Life) and other familiar standards (Theme Camps of the Rich and Famous) plus lots of other great ideas. The "This Playa Life" segments use recordings from a project I've been doing for years, giving away cheap tape recorders with instructions painted on them to "record something and pass it on". I edited 26 episodes together a few days ago; take a listen!

Then of course there's plenty of personal packing and preparation to do. Apart from Burning Man there are a few performances coming up, and of course there's always other things that need attention, so this will definitely be a busy month...

And, I need new tenants for my house in Columbus. Turns out that I didn't get a cancellation message from the people who agreed to it a while ago, so now I'm scrambling to find replacements. If anyone knows of anyone who might like a great place to live in Columbus OH, please contact me...

Better get running; gonna try to rebuild the thimbletron for Saturday's show...

- tm
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Sat 06-Aug: The Evolution Control Committee LIVE at San Jose Museum of Art

    San Jose Museum of Art's excellent Brides of Frankenstein exhibition will have an opening reception this Saturday, August 6.  The exhibit itself is easily worth the visit, but if that's not enough, we can sweeten the deal...

    Brides of Frankenstein is an exhibition of experimental work by a new generation of women artists working with video, electronics, robotics, the Internet, computer games and animation, and other digital and traditional media to animate synthetic creatures with virtual life.  What better entertainment than The ECC, hmm?  TradeMark and Frillypants will demonstrate the thimbletron and show these south-bayers what mad science is alllll about.  Backing us up in this will be a multimedia duel of Dr. Friendly and Otis Fodder (of The Bran Flakes), as well as some altered cello sounds courtesy of Uncivilized Ladies.  On top of that you get to see the exhibit, and if that's even half as good as the preview I saw last week, it's top notch.

        WHAT:  Brides of Frankenstein opening reception

                with The Evolution Control Committee, Dr. Friendly, Otis Fodder, and more

        WHEN:  Saturday,  06-Aug-05,  7pm to 10pm

        WHERE: San Jose Museum of Art / 110 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113 / 408-271-6840

        HOW MUCH: Free for members; $10 non-members

        SUGGESTED ATTIRE:  Brides & Monsters


Otis Fodder   

Dr. Friendly  

San Jose Museum

Opening reception

About the exhibit

- tm