July 14th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

A swift kick in my posting ass...

...and off I go to make another long overdue posting:

Otis Fodder (of The Bran Flakes) and I (TradeMark G. of The Evolution Control Committee) will join up to demo our theremins next Wednesday for Dorkbot (at The RX Gallery). If you've wanted a chance to see a theremin in person, perhaps learn about it's inner workings, or try your hand at THEREOKE (you guessed it, playing a song melody on theremin to an instrumental track), here's your chance! Also featuring crazy Austrians MONOCHROM...

P.S.: ECC will demonstrate our custom-built THIMBLETRON at the next Dorkbot!

Other future shows: 06-Aug-2005 at The San Jose Museum of Art / 12-Aug-2005 at Liminal (Oakland, CA) / and shortly after that we're off to Burning Man... anyone else going?

Yup, it's nearing Burning Man time again. Definitely a different sight here than in Ohio, watching so many people preparing their BM stuff and being aware of it impending, unlike Ohio where only the select few know about it and even fewer go (too far, too expensive). We had the first hints of panic set in and made a mad dash for our calendars, counting the free weekends until we leave, scheduling various preparations that will need to be done. Plenty of work to do, but luckily, a good amount of time to do it before we leave (in a month and ten days).

Like many, I've been sucked into Google Earth (sorry Windows only). This amazing program stitches together satellite photos, topological data, and plenty more to give you, well, the world. And you can fly all over that world, swoop down on cities, fly circles around Mount St. Helens, and so much more. If you've run out of ideas for where to fly, just visit the Keyhole BBS for many, many more. The closest thing to what it would be like to have a UFO.

I got a new digital camera for my birthday (thanks mom & dad!) so I can finally take photos again. It also does fairly decent video. I shot some of both at the Seksu Roba show a couple weeks ago and uploaded a slideshow of the photos. There's also a massive, 70 meg video (AVI) of the show opening with some beautiful theremin... always the highlight of the show...

I also finally found a copy of the documentary Brian Wilson - Beautiful Dreamer, which I sadly missed the premiere of last year while playing the CMJ Marathon in NYC. I thought I would be the last person in the world to hail the Beach Boys, of all people, as musical geniuses -- but, here I am. Brian Wilson was always the mastermind behind them, and under his benevolent tyranny they set about to make an album that would be "The Beach Boys' Sargaent Pepper's"... it was called SMiLE, and if it had been released as planned it would have securely pegged The Beach Boys as the American Beatles. What happened instead was Brian Wilson had a complete meltdown and the album was scrapped, never to be heard... until now. After 37 years, it's finally been released... and it's incredible. This documentary is the story of that album. It's fantastic.

All for now...
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