June 10th, 2005

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10-Jun-05 Dream: Prison Does Strange Things To People

Just got up from a dream that I'm hoping I can remember enough to convey...

I'm in prison orientation. There's a long hall of row seating with a hundred or more prisoners who are about to be placed in their cells. The head guard of the prison is giving his run-down of rules; the prisoners are unruly, definitely not an easy crowd. Prisoners are yelling back, the guard is stern and gruff as he plods through the rules and orientation. He finishes his part of the orientation and announces that the prison chaplain will now give a presentation. The prisoners are strangely quiet and attentive, and I'm really curious why they would be so polite, even if it's for a man of god.

I soon find out why.

Green stage lights turn on. BRIGHT green. Out comes this black, slightly pudgy preacher with straightened hair and a blue fake moustache, like a fu manchu but stringy and unbraided. He is followed by his wife, who ALSO has a fake blue fu manchu moustache. The preacher is animated and wild; like a fatter Little Richard. The green lights do not flatter him; his complection in the green looks awful, but it just adds to the crazy feeling of the whole thing. The prisoners are at once both into the whole thing and completely stunned by the whole thing. I can't even tell what the preacher is saying; it doesn't really matter. The whole feel of the thing is insane, this bizarre oasis of color and pizazz in this grey, cold prison.

The preacher finishes, the green light goes out, the head guard stands up. "This concludes our orientation. Welcome to prison."
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