June 7th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Area Man Gets Onion

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Area man TradeMark G discovered today while walking to buy groceries that printed copies of parody newspaper The Onion are now available in the Bay Area.

Yep, it seems that I and The Onion have both emerged and converged from our midwestern origins (The Onion started in Madison, Wisconsin) to the big city, where we both co-exist peacefully. Although I'd probably rather just read it online, it's somehow conforting to know that I can get printed copies. It was always kind of a treat when I'd go to Chicago or NYC and see them available there. "A printed version of my favorite website! How... quaint!"
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    3am Eternal, KLF ($2 for the pop pranksters' 12", eh, why not)