May 26th, 2005

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Welcome to My Neighborhood

My friend bigbaldguyBigBaldGuy (lifelong friends, not just LJ friends) has moved more or less into my hood. Yay! Welcome to my neighborhood. Here, let me just give you a little tour.

Of course, we're a lot further south than you, being under the highway at Potrero and Cesar Chavez, but between us is the mighty 24th Street run between Potrero and Mission which plays host to a large Latino culture which will not spare-change you, auslander. In fact, embrace your auslander status, as you will be swimming in a cultural sea of Latinos, Chinese, more Latinos, and the occasional straggling scruffy hipster on their way to the legendary St. Francis, a soda fountain/restaurant straight outta the 30's/40's, complete with candy counter -- now thankfully updated with candy only 20 years out of date; mostly packets of trading cards for Tron, Welcome Back Kotter, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and other expired pop-cultural icons.

Going west you will pass four homeless people on your way to get groceries. One will not have a shopping cart because he is new to the game. Another will be sleeping in front of, but not in, the small gated park on the north side of the street. For your cheap Mexican produce, you will choose Casa Lucas, partially because of their dime limes and quarter avocados, but also because it's right across the street from Mixed Use, who will sell you a retro picnic ball which you will think must somehow be useful for Burning Man.

Going back towards Potrero, you will think that it would be a good idea to stop into Casa Sanchez; after all, they make those great tortilla chips you see at all the stores, right? But they never seem to be open on any predictable schedule, and even if they were, you'd find out that their menu sucks, the guacamole is prepackaged, and the atmosphere's just kinda lame anyway. Keep walking, gringo. Maybe pick up a slice of pizza at Papa Potrero's, but that too will be disappointing except that you get to read the big "NO FREE FOOD" sign inside.