May 4th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Ever have one of those coincidences?

Opened one of the fifteen newly-arrived boxes of records; first record picked out was Tones On Tail. When have I last listened to that? Who knows; years. Which made it particularly strange when this chat occurred between me (as Snausages) and my friend this morning:

10:55 (math) theres only one
10:55 (math) (now we lustre)
10:55 (math) (sorry obscure reference ;) if you know that ill die
11:01 (Snausages) I don't suppose the "There's Only One" is Tones On Tail?
11:01 (Snausages) 'cuz I was listening to that yestereday...
11:02 (math) hahaha
11:02 (math) omg
11:02 (math) wow
11:02 (math) NOW WE LUSTRE is a (version) of the song
11:02 (math) with the lyrics backwards,
11:02 (math) for "THERE'S ONLY ONE" backwards sounds like Now we lustre
11:02 (math) what are the chances
11:02 (math) thats hilarious man
11:03 (Snausages) FUCK! That's right, I forgot the title of that!
11:03 (math) hahaha
11:03 (math) man i cant believe you JUST listened to it
11:03 (Snausages) Holy shit man... seriously... YESTERDAY. I just got my
records sent here...
11:03 (math) hahaha
11:03 (Snausages) ...and that was the first record I pulled out of the first
box I opened!
11:03 (math) hahahah
11:03 (math) and i made a reference to it today!
11:03 (Snausages) WOAH.
11:03 (Snausages) That's weird.

Starting to prepare in earnest for the show Friday. Last night went to this "Mash-Up" of DJ Spooky / Paul D. Miller and Lawrence Lessig which was really just a panel talk of the both of them (and a pricey one at $23). Lessig was awesome though; wonderfully coherent and inspirational call for the legalization of remix culture. Spooky was reasonably interesting but lacked the gripping narrative that Lessig seems to have mastered. Lessig had to jet (literally, to Australia) immediately after the talk, but I eventually cornered Spooky for a few words and found out he's been using my song "Rocked By Rape" in some lectures and may want to use it on a future mix CD. Cool.