May 2nd, 2005

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Christmas in May!

I was initially confused but then amused when I saw a few signs posted around our building made by the children in the school that runs out of our warehouse. One of the signs has bright multi-colored letters drawn in marker that say: "Thank You! Workers Take The Day Off." It's nice to know that even though most American workers don't know that the rest of the world's labor force is celebrating May Day / International Workers Day, at least these children are learning about it. Although it would be a better world of US workers were celebrating labor solidarity today, I must selfishly say that I'm kind of glad they aren't: My records arrived today!

While back in Ohio last week, I picked my favorite thousand or so from my massive 10,000 record archive. Thanks to the post office's media mail rate, I was able to ship those thousand records (weighing about 600 pounds) out here, insured, for about $300... less than the price of gas. I've been really missing these babies, and one reason why became somewhat clear to me while watching the documentary Scratch. In it one DJ is talking about the state of mind you get in while DJing, and I recognized immediately that zoned-out feeling he was describing. I also realized that the description nearly matches the goal of meditation -- "thinking about nothing" -- clearing your head to focus on the present moment. No wonder I've been jonesing for these records... I need them for meditation!

Since I got back from Ohio four days ago we've been running pretty busy, meaning I've got bunches to do and had better get to work on it. :-) more later...
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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

EVOLUTION vs DE-EVOLUTION: The Evolution Control Committee & Mongoloid

[ Bay Aryans: Come to my show this Friday! ]

.:. vs

YES! Finally, the pair-up that is long, long overdue...

The great Buckeye state of Ohio has produced many strange strains of flora and fauna, but this irregularly-shaped bible belt state has produced two bands with a lot to say about the subject of EVOLUTION. This Friday night, you have the chance to weigh the arguments for yourself on the stage of 12 Galaxies.

The Evolution Control Committee not only has the word "evolution" as its first name, but has walked the walk for nearly 20 years. A policy group to guide the overall flow of evolution itself, their music division has created new genres of music (the mash-up), new performance instruments (the thimbletron), and has performed everywhere from Utrecht to Melbourne. Accompanied on-stage by assistant Frillypants, ECC co-founder TradeMark G. will perform highly-evolved music developed at The Evolution Control Committee headquarters including some new work not previously heard in the Bay Area.

The legendary Akron, Ohio band DEVO got its name from their theory of "De-Evolution": mankind is actually in a state of regression (how else could one explain the bad state of the world today?). The band Devo is long gone, but happily the Devo cover band MONGOLOID has picked up the torch to continue the spud fight. "Q: Are They Not Men?" No, but nor are they Devo... just a clever mutation. Whip it good!

Also featuring ALAN ASTOR (NYC) and more!

WHAT: The Evolution Control Committee with Mongoloid (Devo tribute band) and Alan Astor (NYC)
WHEN: Friday, 06-May-05 at 9pm
WHERE: 12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street (at 22nd)
HOW MUCH: $8 in advance; $10 at the door

Alan Astor
12 Galaxies
Advance Tickets

No future ECC shows in the Bay Area for now, so ya better hit this one!

- tm
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