April 20th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Goodbye Monitor, Hello Ohio

Argh! My studio PC's monitor died. Made it all the way from Ohio and lasted about a year out here... welp, it was a good run. A lovely 20" Sun monitor, but it weighed a ton. Looking for a replacement now... and getting ready to go to Ohio on Friday. Looking forward to a good visit...

While reviewing my ECC notebooks to prepare for tonight's lecture, I stumbled across a list of "memorable things/lessons from The Influencers", a festival in Barcelona that I performed at one year ago. I kind of liked the list and thought I'd share it as general advice for anyone interested...

  • Leave a legacy. Document everything.

  • Make backups.

  • The media is hackable -- use it.

  • Know your audience.

  • People love gizmos, gadgets, and interactivity.

  • Being the first to widely reveal "secret" knowledge can allow you to take credit for its discovery.

  • Staying under the radar keeps you out of suit... but is that good?

  • Don't just take easy (converted) audiences.

  • It's okay to do something just for the art of it, but don't expect others to be interested.

  • A well-known characiture/stereotype gives your audience an easy "in".

  • Doing illegal things is the cheap shot to make waves.

  • The most famous geniuses are IQ 110, not 120+.

  • People want to believe things that are too good to be true.

  • If you look like you know where you're going, people will follow.

  • Persistance makes the portfolio.

  • Take the time (and money) to do quality work/art.

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