April 12th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Visiting Columbus

Does anyone from Ohio still read this? If so: I'm visiting.

Fri, April 22
Wed, April 27

Quick visit and hopefully a longer visit coming later.
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ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century

DJ Food (of the DJ duo Coldcut) has put together an incredible piece of work that deserves an hour of your time. It's called Raiding the 20th Century and it has to be the best aural history of sampling in music that I've ever head. This newer extended version includes narration by Paul Morley (Art of Noise, etc.) and a review of the more academic origins of sampling from the 50's forward. Best of all, my work as The ECC gets included in it not once but twice! I think The ECC may be the only one to appear twice except for Coldcut themselves. Yay!
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    DJ Food - Raiding the 20th Century