April 11th, 2005

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Albion Castle

So we got a late Sunday invitation to the castle...

...the castle?

Less than 3 miles away from us, in the sketchy Hunter's Point area of San Francisco, is a castle. A real, honest castle. Albion Castle used to be a brewery in the late 1800's, which closed its doors in 1919 with the double whammy of the death of its owner and prohibition. Ten years later an artist bought the place, and to this day it's had some sort of artistic ownership or occupation. That's apparently now up in the air, as the current absentee owners are looking to sell the castle, hoping for a couple million for it. That seems reasonable, until you learn that the castle is literally right next door to the projects and is directly across the street from a toxic waste dump, thanks to the Navy. Still, there's apparently little problem with break-ins (the thugs in the projects fear the castle is haunted) and about five years ago the water naturally collecting in the underground cisterns of the castle test clean. It seems to be a little island of its own, magically leaping up from the past, an anachronistic residence that time forgot.

Supposedly last night's show (which we missed; Mark Growden was supposed to play a second set but didn't) was to be the last in the castle, but that's all dependent on how the castle's sale goes. Popular notion is that anyone buying it is going to be someone with a spare couple o' mill burning a hole in their pocket, and that kind of person typically doesn't want to spend on it on a crazy castle across the street from a superfund cleanup site, so it might well hang on for a few more rounds.
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