April 10th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Offensive Noises of San Francisco

Today I witnessed two noises unique to San Francisco that might be considered offensive...

1) Survival Research Laboratories putting their equipment away after their LA show, firing off one of the noisier machines for fun. HEY! KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!!

2) An accordion (the official musical instrument of San Francisco) which I bought. I've had one for twenty years, but mine is back in Ohio and even though I didn't play it all that often, well, I missed it. There's a flea market every Sunday nearby, and I had been pestering Christy to go. Perhaps it was because I could just smell the accordion from here or something -- she's a beaut, a full-sized one with some microphones built in (bonus!) to help the sound at live shows. The extra bonus is that there's a row of 13 buttons which send signals through a some cables (not included) to an electronic sound box (also not included). That's a good thing because I can probably hot-wire them into my Thimbletronic hardware that I built for live shows, meaning that I could trigger samples and loops straight from the accordion. Niiiiiice.
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