February 4th, 2005

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Back home!


Yes, HOME!

I'm just ending my first week of not travelling since a ways before Xmas. It's nice to be able to unpack things from my suitcases and put the cases off in storage, not to be seen for a while. I've kept my schedule for the next two months free so I can develop new work and put together our new home. (Speak of which, if you want my new address and phone number, email me)

Last weekend's trip was to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Festival, as well as an ECC performance and a family ski trip. T'was great! Had fantastic times with my parents and saw a few good Sundance movies and got in a good day of skiing as well.

The weekend before that was the Pacific Northwest mini-tour with The ECC, The Bran Flakes, and Seksu Roba. Three great shows in Seattle, Portland, and Eugene. The Eugene, Oregon show really surprised me -- didn't expect a show in Eugene to do that well, let alone one on a Monday night -- but it was great! All of them were, really. Can't wait to do it again! Thanks to all that came...

Putting the new place together is necessitating a lot of hunting and gathering. I'm almost ashamed to admit that we've already done the requisite trip to Ikea to pick up some not-to-expensive DIY furniture. (Note to other record junkies: the Expedit shelves will hold almost 2,000 records.) We've also managed to save a little money by cruising the Freecycle list, where people post things they want to get rid of but don't want any money for. (Thanks, Lisa!) Thanks to that I've picked up another shelving unit and a desk or two (hopefully I'll turn the glass table top that I picked up today into my desk). So far so good, but lots yet to do.

Otherwise... settling in to San Francisco life.


Did I finally move here?

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