January 19th, 2005

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Back... home?

Huh, I haven't written anything since LA, huh? Welp, no surprise really; I've been quite busy...

Following the LA stint written about previously there were three final shows with Chromelodeon -- San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland. All were smallish (40-50 people in the audience) but good shows, except San Francisco. That was a surprise, because I expected the SF show to be the biggest and best, but a couple things happened to prevent that...

All of these shows on this tour I did with Chromelodeon were booked by them. In fact, that was one of the reasons I accepted a spot on the tour -- they'd do all the legwork and I get an easier ride as they mooch off my name. As the tour progressed, I started to see that there was plenty of legwork still to do -- promotion was often lacking, and even some of the bookings weren't too solid, even though they thought they were. It wasn't always their fault (I think), and in the case of San Francisco, we had a situation where Chromelodeon said that the date was arranged and solid, but the owner of the club said that the date was pending on their confirmation that they could bring in enough people for the club (100+).

So, it was rather lucky that Christy went to the club the week before the show to drop off postcards to advertise the show (which we made on our own dime) and found out about the confusion; otherwise, they would have booked the show over to someone else and we wouldn't have had a thing. Christy managed to talk the owner into giving us the night as part of a week of benefits for Tsunami victims, and then expanded the night to include some other entertainment, including Gooferman and Will Franken.

Ugh; I need to cut this short, too much to do today to spend it writing... (I even started writing this yesterday)

So, the short of it is that the Chromelodeon kids get all drunk and one of them heckles Will Franken, who's doing his thing right after Chromelodeon. To the point where Will jumps off the stage and puts the kid in a headlock.

I was mortified; so was Christy. We both love Will's act and I just think he's genius. The kid's obviously drunk and also stressed from being on tour so long and not making much money on it; the San Francisco club is obviously not their scene (more of a dance club; they've been playing things like DIY warehouse parties), but none of that matters. You simply do not EVER do that. Dissing someone else on your bill, whether you arranged them or not, whether you like them or not, is simply suicide. That person is not on the bill by accident -- it's because they are liked by the booker, owner, or someone else influential, or they themselves are somehow influential, or all of the above.

And it was at that moment that I realized just why Chromelodeon and ECC shouldn't have been on tour together. It's not just because we're not the same music, or different ages, or whatever. It's not just because they might be riding The ECC's coattails. It's because they could drag The ECC down. And I feel stupid for not seeing that risk.

Well, I have a lot more thoughts and feelings about that whole thing, but I have to leave them at that for now. Why? Because I have a new home to make. Christy and I moved last weekend into our new place, and it's still all in boxes and needs a lot of work. But we don't have much time to work on it -- in two days we're off again, this time to the Pacific Northwest for three shows there, then on to Utah for a ski vacation with family plus Sundance plus one ECC show in connection with that. So, I'm trying to make the best of these two days so that we don't just come back home to a roomful of boxes and work.

That's all for now -- time to go get hardware, take out empty boxes, get other supplies, copy keys, and plenty more... ciao.
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