January 9th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron

Dare I say that we ROCK?

Writing now from KXLU in Los Angeles. Thanks to all who've expressed concern and good wishes; it's appreciated. So here's how it all went down:

  • 20 miles outside Flagstaff, we veer off the icy road

  • Van is fine; trailer rolls and is totalled

  • Manage to get a tow truck (AAA said 5 hours; we instead got one in 2 but had to pay for it)

  • Trailer is towed from the ditch; I manage to get the van out on its own

  • Trailer is towed to a strip mall parking lot

  • We use connections to find a sympathetic musician to stay with in Flagstaff for the night

  • Entire trailer's contents are moved by van to this poor bloke's kitchen floor

  • We get a few hours of sleep there

  • Up by 8am

  • Secure a U-Haul trailer (the weather's so bad, U-Haul isn't allowing trucks out -- good thing we need a trailer)

  • Equipment gets loaded in the trailer

  • We're on the road by noon!

  • </li>

And the impressive thing -- We make out show in LA that night. We totalled the trailer and only missed one show! Not too shabby, if I may say.

So, we've recovered, as it were. Again, nobody injured. The weather that night was pretty bad; the 5 hour estimate from AAA was due to that. It was pretty surreal watching all these other cars spinning about and veering off the road around us; as we got our trailer towed off and followed the tow truck, we saw car after car after semi after car off the road being towed out, or waiting for such. Although the trailer was totalled, the equipment inside was mostly intact -- the only casualties we've found were the case for the bass guitar (but the bass guitar itself was fine) and the bass kick drum (smashed). After the officer helping took care of things, he actually suggested we light a fire to keep warm until the tow truck came... so, we took his advice:


In LA we were greeted by a torrential downpour the likes of which LA hasn't seen in quite a while, apparently. Guess that matches the heavy snow that Flagstaff hasn't seen the likes of for so long too. It meant that our LA show wasn't nearly as well attended as it should have been, but there was at least a bit of a crowd so we didn't do too badly.

Today was a more relaxed day, long overdue; here at KXLU I'm listening to Chromelodeon pre-record a "live" performance to be aired later. I'll do the same after they're done; I think it'll all air Monday night (and you can listen online too, if you like). Tomorrow we do a leisurely 3 hour drive to San Diego; the day after that we drive up to San Francisco and I'm "home"... just in time to help Christy finish packing so we can actually move to our new home.

I'm soggy. I'm smelly, all my clothes have been worn 3+ times, I feel slightly sick. Very much looking forward to getting off the road -- but I know San Fran is only a brief stayover, during which I have lots more work to do (with the move). And then, I'm on the road again for another two weeks. But I those two weeks should be a lot more relaxed than these have been.

I've been avoiding putting very much here that sort of judges the tour to avoid prejudging the whole tour from just the first bits of it. But since it's nearing the end I'm starting to be more judgemental, as it were. Although I've enjoyed hanging out with all the Chromelodeon guys and like their music and playing shows with them, I have to admit that this tour really wasn't that good an idea for me "professionally" (and perhaps in other ways). It's frustrating watching Chromelodeon tackle issues and situations which I've dealt with before... long before. We're at very different stages of things -- they're younger (early 20's) kids in a band with much different motives and directions that I'm going in. I want to try to sit down Ryan (the de facto bandleader) to have a good talk about things and tell him some of what I've observed that they could improve on. Hopefully I can do it in a way that doesn't sound condescending... I really would like to see them do well.

Welp, best to get ready for my own KXLU set. ciao for now...
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