January 8th, 2005

ECC, TradeMark, Thimbletron


Um... didn't plan for this one. Only time enough now for the short version:

Before the Phoenix show we were 20 miles out of Flagstaff, Arizona when we careened off the road. The van made a clean veer off the road and stopped, no damage; the trailer on the other hand was totalled. We presumed it flipped over or something from the damage; luckily it detached from the van first, otherwise we might have flipped with it. Nobody hurt. Amazingly the contents (our equipment) was mostly unharmed, we think. The only things obviously damaged were the kick drum and a bass guitar case (but not the guitar in it). Whatever the case, the Phoenix show was not going to happen (we were still 3 hours away from it by that point).

It was obviously weather related (ice on the road); cars were literally careening off the road all around us -- two ladies right behind us, then a guy who went off the road through a barbed wire fence and rammed into a steel girder at the bottom of a billboard. Later a semi went off the road opposite us. AAA couldn't help; they were backed up by 5 hours. The cops were nice enough and got a private tow truck there before that. Through contacts we found a place to stay in nearby Flagstaff for the night. We got our trailer towed there, got all the contents moved to our place to stay via the van, and ditched the trailer.

It's now 9am Saturday; we've all gotten a fitful and short night of sleep, and are getting up to test equipment while a new trailer gets rented from U-Haul. With luck, we'll be on the road by noon to hit LA. I can't even believe that we might even make the LA show tonight after all that's happened last night, but we very well might. We've got more brutal driving to do to get there -- 9 hours and I hear that the weather's been bad. But, we gotta do it.

More later; much work to do now and I don't even know if I can even get online to send this.
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