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NeoSanta / Columbus visit / New ECC site

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a product.


Dear Billy,

Santa is now known as the American Express corporation.  But you can still have anything you want.*

Love, American Express

* on your American Express Platinum card. We just raised your limit.

In other news, I'll be visiting Columbus Dec. 22 to 26.

And in other other news, I'm making good headway on a brand new, 100% redesigned ECC website.  Trust me... high awesome quotient.  Stay tuned.
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I used to fly pretty frequently – for a few years I managed a few European festivals a year, with a half-dozen US shows I flew to. Not so much these days, but that hasn’t lessened my misery. My dislike of airport security, overcrowded airplanes, and airline incompetence has grown and grown, nearing a state somewhere between revulsion and outright hatred. And it’s not limited to just those dislikes – it’s the whole thing. The cumulative whole of the airline industry just feels like some sort of has-been, like a decaying government well past its patriotic glory days descending into a corrupt tyranny.

Am I the only one here? Anyone? Corrupt tyranny, right?

I would like to meet anyone who currently:

• Actually enjoys flying commercially (not first class)
• Changes their behavior (in an airport or anywhere) based on security color codes (orange, yellow, etc.)
• Lets strangers pack their bags

Lastly, I just found out that my home town of Columbus Ohio has been harboring the perpetrator of the deadliest attack with a weapon of mass destruction. His name was Paul Tibbets Jr., and he flew the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. He died recently, 92 years old.
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The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour

Perhaps when i get my website overhauled (which I'm working on right now... no, really, I am) I can use it to blog nostalgic stories of my has-been life:

Perhaps my best ever estate sale score was finding Moondog's Prestige album (super rare!) at an estate sale. After inspecting a disappointing box of records they put out for sale, I poked around the house for other things and found an ignored shelf of records in the front closet... the Moondog stood out immediately. After buying the entire closet for $12 (!!) I later realized there were also incredibly rare jazz records which I sold for an embarrassing amount on eBay, but not before using them on a one-off radio show called The Rare Jazz At The Wrong Speed Hour. Here were these incredibly rare jazz records, and I was thinking, if you were a jazz fan in hell, what would worse punishment than to hear a radio show of the rarest jazz selections, every one of which was played at the wrong speed?

Toward the end of the show I upped the ante by mixing an irritating one kilohertz test tone on top of each song.

Ahhh, those were the days.
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Dream: P2People

Last night I had a dream.

In it, there's a community of people who deal with public emergencies using the methods of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and networking strategies.

In my dream, I was with a few dozen unknown people of this unknown society who were dealing with some sort of unknown emergency. It didn't seem to be too tragic; maybe it was a minor disease epidemic or perhaps it was a large-scale accident with minor injuries. Regardless, many of these people needed help, but many people came there to provide help, and most everyone had some way they could help the people in need. So, let's pick one injured person out: they're hurt, needing a little bit of specialized medical treatment, but also some nursing and other small favors and support that can be provided by the average person. So, a crowd of helpers swarms the injured person, and almost instantly (somehow) sums up the different bits of help that person needs, as well as compares what skills each helper has. From that, the helpers each pick a way they can help, based on their unique skills and avoiding duplication of effort. The unneeded helpers then move on to the next injured person, and the process repeats.

Peer-to-peer file sharing works by allowing a person who's in need of data by arranging a swam of peers, or helpers. Some peers have more or better data than others. They coordinate what data the person needs and swarm them with the different bits of data, avoiding duplication of effort. When the person has the data he wants, the swarm of peers moves on to the next data-needy person, and the process repeats.

This post is my first here in a year, but don't expect much change in frequency. I know I said this last time, but right now I truly am really redesigning The ECC website, which I hope to expand with a bit of a personal area and blogging action which will mean I'll all but abandon this place. So, keep your eyes trained on:

Oh, I went to Burning Man (as usual) -- but this year I not only ran their radio station, but also was asked to create the main sound installation that the burning man stood in the middle of. I also took some pictures and video.

- TradeMark G.
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Silently, the activity level brews ever higher...


Yes, long time no tired-cliche-about-lethargy. However, this is changing, starting with the name.

Old: Residency Evidence. Fine for when I was doing my residency back at the Headlands; potentially valid as of six months ago (when I revisited the Headlands), but actually outdated for over two years.
New: TradeMark's Bark. Dumb, but could be dumber, and it's late and I'm on dialup and I can change it later.

I'll be ramping up the activity of this blog over the next year, along with the activity level for The Evolution Control Committee. At the moment I'm designing a website for a friend, and after that I'll be (FINALLY) redesigning the ECC's website, at which point it will take on a somewhat blog-ish component. This blog, my personal blog, will compliment the "official" ECC news blog.

Meanwhile, I should have posted here earlier that I'm currently visiting Columbus, Ohio. Anyone still there and interested in finding me can drop me an email and hope that I find more open wireless networks to mooch from.
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SRL photos/video up!

Although I'm horrendously busy with Burning Man preparations, I somehow found the moment to upload my photos and video from the SRL show in San Jose to:,%20Concerts,%20and%20Events/Survival%20Research%20Laboratories%20-%20ZeroOne%20Festival,%20San%20Jose,%20August%2011%202006/index.html

...or use this abbreviation:


- TradeMark G.
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NPR today, Burning Man next week

I appeared on NPR's All Things Considered today, though they cut out the ECC mention:

And next week, we'll be at Burning Man, setting up BMIR radio to air all the fun things we've been recording over the last couple weeks (thanks, Bezoar and Steven Lee!). That means I'll generally be even quieter than usual for the next month or so. Are you going to Burning Man too? Then find me: BMIR radio (94.5 FM) is located in center camp behind Playa Info. I'll be camping at Billion Bunny Camp (aka Furr & Loafing), located around 6:30 on the Esplanade, on center camp's outer ring next to the Black Rock Arts Museum. We have a daily Hoppy Hour from 5-6pm. Hope to see you!
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Evolutionary update from the western ether

Hey there, the few of you who take note of this limited channel of expression... here's another once-in-a-long-while semi-personal update:

BURNING MAN: Going? I am, as usual. If anyone's looking for me there, I'll be easiest to find at the BMIR radio station (94.5 FM) in center camp circle, right behind Playa Info. I work there most days in the afternoon, when the air conditioning is best. You can also find me at Billion Bunny Camp (aka "Furr and Loafing"), also in center camp circle, near Anxiety street (presumably on the First Camp side, which is to the right as you walk towards the center camp cafe from The Man). We haven't finalized our arrival and departure dates, but we'll be there for about a full two weeks.

Holy shit, I'm actually getting paid to go this year. As in real (though little) money. Don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job (as CEO of The ECC, which I'm pretty sure actually pays less).

NEW HOME: We moved. Forget our studio/loft in the ghetto/gated community of The Farm; we high-tailed it to Twin Peaks and I haven't looked back. Now we have a full house, I have a dedicated studio space, and nature in the back yard (one of the Twin Peaks). An improvement, and for less money (thanks to our new roommate, Shelley). Things are looking better. Email me for the address. No change on the phone number.

HEARSE: Time to do the yearly last-minute pre-Burning-Man frenzied maintenance... a long laundry list of repairs to be done, but hopefully nothing out of my limited automotive expertise.

SF WEEKLY: Look for me in there. Late September maybe? I'll be interviewed by Elisa Strickland next week and giving her first reporting dibs on The Kitchen Of The Future, a line of circuit-bent, MIDI-compatible kitchen appliances that I launched in May from The Headlands.

COLUMBUS: Visiting? Hopefully in late September or October.

- TradeMark G. / Mark Gunderson
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